If you wish to arrange a booking with me then please feel free to drop me a message via the contact form on this page. If you prefer, you can send an email to bunny.bbw.uk@gmail.com

Your message needn't be too long but please let me know all the vital information, such as:

✍ Your name
✍ Your mobile phone number (note: I will not use this to contact you unless previously agreed upon)
✍ How you found me

✍ What you'd like to get up to during our time together
✍ Suggested date(s) and time(s) for our meeting
✍ The location of the booking (If you're hoping to arrange an out call)

I always try to get back to you as soon as possible but please note that I am often busy and so the most considerate messages take priority. I do not respond to vulgar or impolite messages.




Thanks! Message sent.